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Hampton homes are distinguished by their timeless and elegant design, materials, and decor. Their design features open, modern living spaces, and landscaped gardens that appeal to the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

Edina Building Group can design a lifestyle look for your dream Hampton style home. Our team of Hampton home builders have the knowledge and experience to create a timeless, elegant, cosy, and inviting Hampton style home in Melbourne for you.

Hampton Home Builders
Hampton Home Builders

Hampton style homes in Melbourne are known for their open spaces and flow between indoors and outdoors. They feature natural textures and details like shaker-style kitchen cabinets and exterior weatherboard cladding that appeals to Australians.

Edina Building Group has mastered bringing the outdoors inside by using lots of greenery, making sure there is plenty of natural light coming into your home. Our team of Hampton home builders make daily life in Melbourne like a vacation.

Hampton Home Builders

It’s a big decision to build a custom designed home. You may feel overwhelmed. The process is both exciting and easy when you choose the right builder.

At Edina Building Group, we understand that real luxury is not about fashion, but about timeless design, built with quality materials and outstanding attention to detail.  Edina has you covered, when you want to build a modern, traditional,  contemporary or hampton home builder in Melbourne.


We are making the slope work for you as we believe the sloping site brings a wealth of possibilities for creative architecture to create height, capture light and capitalise on views whilst giving you more privacy.


Narrow or odd-shaped sites present a unique opportunity and a challenge. Often these blocks require specific architectural skills, knowledge, and expertise to be able to maximise their potential when building the perfect home or profitable investment for you.


Be the first to build on a piece of land that you already own or get in touch with Us in advising on different land options based on your goals. We can then also assist in the design and build of your perfect home based on the orientation of that land.

Edina Building Group Testimonial
Marcus C.
Custom Home at Burwood

I decided to use Edina Building Group because one, they were local, two they’ve got experience and there they struck me as a couple of guys who like a challenge. Edina did very well meeting the budget and in the end we have a charming dwelling that we are proud of and our neighbours are very happy with.

Edina Building Group Testimonial
Farshid M.

As developers who are also engineers, we care about the design and quality of the final product and were looking for a builder who could complete the project on time and within our budget. Edina Building Groupd met and exceeded our expections and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.


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