Suite 2, 90-94 Tram Rd, Doncaster Vic 3108



EDINA is a Construction focused company based in Melbourne, Victoria. At EDINA, we focus on building dream projects or renovating current properties for clients and will achieve a top-quality, proper safety, and high standards whilst keeping cost-effective and client-focused mindset.

The management of EDINA is committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services in the above-mentioned fields of operation. Our mission is to ensure the total satisfaction of our clients through the continual improvement of our services which are dedicated to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of our activities. Thus, we recognise and accept the responsibility to:
– Meet and exceed our clients’ expectations the first time and every time we work on projects with high quality and on-time /on-budget process
– Ensure total customer satisfaction by providing the best quality products and services along with the efficient and timely delivery of the same.
– Continuously improve our processes in order to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements.
– Control the hazards and risks posed by our activities and operations to our employees, clients, visitors and other third parties. This is done by maintaining quality OH&S practices and procedures.
– Operate without causing any adverse impact on the environment or communities where we work by preventing pollution, controlling adverse environmental impacts and adhering to the legal and other requirements that relate to our environmental aspects.
– Enjoying the process of construction whilst maintaining professionalism and high work conduct and production.