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Yes, we specialise in design and build homes and have strong processes to ensure our plans produced are in line with your vision, budget and quality.

When we are engaged, our process begins with a meeting to review the details of your build so that a concept sketch can be produced. This helps us understand your complete vision and the details of your project prior to the production of final working drawings and building your custom home within your expected budget and timeframe.

To find out more about our process, follow the link below.

Our process is tailored to all types of clients. Whether you are an experienced investor or building your very first custom home, our highly experienced team ensures you are guided through every stage of this process and simplified where necessary.

First, we’ll sit down and discuss your budget and timeframe. Ensuring all aspects of your vision and requirements are captured by asking questions. From the type of design you’re after to the type of roofing, fixtures, fittings or wardrobe you’d like. If you have an idea book or vision board you have created, be sure to show us as it will assist in developing your unique concept. Once we have captured as much information, we will then begin the process of drafting a concept sketch to best visualise your build.

To find out more about our process, click on the link below.

When you engage us for Design+Build, you are hiring one company that will handle everything from designing your home to overseeing your project, and building your home. This can be a great option if you are looking for a custom home and want someone to be in charge of the entire process that will be able to provide you with the most accurate details and costings hassle free from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our effort of no variations along the construction phase, this is achieved through out design efficiencies and streamline process to avoid errors.

At Edina we have our own team of assigned consultants and trades, so you will work with the same people from beginning to end. This can be helpful because it allows for continuity and eliminates any miscommunications. It also allows the company to stay in control of budget and schedule, which can be helpful if you are on a tight timeline or budget.

At Edina, our initial figure provided is based on the information completed within our questionnaire. This is a ballpark figure and should be understood that the figure provided is 95% accurate to the final cost. This means your building costs will only vary 5% off the ballpark figure provided. This initial service is at no charge to ensure you have an idea of the timeframe and budget required for your build, and that you are comfortable to begin the journey with us. It is only when we sit down together to go into the details and create the official quotation that will lead to the creation of a concept sketch (if no plans are available).

This paid service includes a complete finish schedule and estimated cost breakdown along with the construction program. This is a minimum of 50 pages in length, detailing everything to be included in your project. Any quote or tender less than this, you should be concerned that something is missing.

In order to produce the most accurate and detailed fixed tender proposal, the associated cost to be paid in advance and the paid amount will be deducted from the first progress payment once the construction contract is awarded. This process takes up to 5-10 working days, depending on the project complexity.

Yes, as our client you will always be kept up to date at every stage of your build. Exclusive to your build, you will have access to our live online portal where you will find the construction process gantt chart, daily logs of your building site and images along the way ensuring you are always kept in the loop.

Depending on the projects within our pipeline, we normally offer commencement within 4 weeks of the construction contract being signed. From there construction commencement notice will be issued within 2 weeks of the building permit being approved.

Building your custom home will take 9-12 months, depending on many factors such as block slope, access restrictions (if any), basement requirement, and all specified details within your plans

We build under all building contracts acceptable by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) such as contracts prepared by Housing Industry Association (HIA), Master Builders Association (MBA), and Australian Standards AS4000.

Our builds come with a 10 year warranty for all structural works, and additionally exclusive to Edina, our ‘4 seasons’ (12 month) defects/maintenance free warranty which covers any further issues encountered within your first year of your new home.

Our projects are primarily located within the inner and outer suburbs of Melbourne.

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Each build is different, we offer a tailored process from the very beginning to ensure the finished project suits your vision and budget. To find out what your build could cost and how we can assist you, please fill in the questionnaire and our client manager will be in contact with you to discuss your project further.

All sites are appropriately restricted to unauthorised personnel at all times for the safety and security of those authorised on each day. Therefore, if you would like to access your site, please notify us in advance and we will organise a safe environment for you to inspect your site.

As extensive pre-work is done in your journey to ensure the build is strictly as per your drawings, plans and vision, any changes required may incur further time or costs. Feasibility on whether the change can take place will also be evaluated prior to confirming.

We are happy for you to provide some of your own products if you already have them. We will need to ensure that they comply with our building codes, practices, that certification can be provided, and whether it will fit into your project schedule.

The main cause of building delays are caused by the variation process or mistakes caused by lack of information when drawings are being produced outside of Edina by others (independent architects). Also when clients request changes to fixtures, fittings or even larger items during the construction process, it can slow things down massively especially when the change is requested within the build stage it is required. To ensure we capture your entire vision, budget and expectations our process ensures the concept sketch and design is as accurate as can be with your involvement to avoid variations at all costs.

When you build with us, the only realistic causes of home delay are extreme weather events and unforeseeable underground problems (such as rock). Once your slab has been laid, the rest of the build is a smooth process.

At Edina, we have an exclusive ‘4 seasons’ (12 month) warranty which covers any further issues encountered within your first year of build completion. We get in touch with our clients to see if there are any maintenance issues or defects that have arisen following the completion.If any issues are identified within the period of cover we send our relevant trades to your home to rectify it immediately so you can continue to enjoy your new build.

Before we begin building your project, we take out construction insurance, which covers theft, vandalism, fire and public liability. In addition to this, our Construction site Supervisor assesses all our projects daily to ensure we are building in line with Australian Occupational Health & Safety standards and to your expectations.

All our clients are provided their very own online portal which gives them access to daily updates of their building site and live construction program. This includes the status of building stages, and daily images of the site taken by our construction site supervisor who ensure everything is in order for the completion of your build. Our Client advisor will also check-in once a fortnight to provide a short update on building progress.

If in doubt, you can always pick up the phone and call us directly for an on-site update.

A prime cost is an item that has not yet been selected at the time a building contract is entered into and for the cost of supply and delivery of which the builder must make a reasonable allowance in the contract. Essentially this means the builder makes allowances for items without knowing the specific final cost.

A provisional sum is an estimate of the cost of carrying out a particular work under a building contract. This refers to works that your builder cannot accurately price at the time of contract signing. This still includes both material and labour costs.