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Providing Innovative and Seamless Solutions

We provide innovative commercial construction solutions across various sectors, including apartments, offices and medical practices. Our experience extends to:

  • New construction.
  • Extension, refurbishment and fit-out works.
  • Working in live operational facilities whilst ensuring minimum disruptions to our clients’ daily activities.

At Edina, we understand the complex issues within these key sectors. As such we can provide unique services with cost efficiencies and resources to provide greater certainty of planning through the construction phase. 

We offer a complete packaged solution for design, construction, and refurbishment. 

Our experienced and highly qualified teams understand the unique requirements of each project, our ISO certified approach to our commercial projects allow us to provide innovative seamless solutions to our clients.

Commercial Builders
Commercial Builders
Planning Better and Building Smarter

Here at Edina Building Group, we love what we do. And we make sure that you do too! 

We are the leading end to end commercial builders with human-centered design at the core of every project. Edina leads projects from start to finish through a unique, integrated approach, to ensure an exemplary end result bringing satisfaction to each client.

As construction builders, we believe that planning is the key to success! Our ISO certified approach in the commercial sector has resulted due to our unwavering commitment to better planning and smarter building processes.

Custom Home Builders In Melbourne
We Understand Every Project Requirement

With a track record of delivering successful projects since 1991, Edina Building Group’s reputation of commitment and open communication are the key reasons why our clients keep coming back.

With an organization built on repeat business in delivering what we promise, along with our can-do attitude from a loyal and ISO Certified process, we have the skills and experience to deliver each and every time with a focus on quality, integrity and honesty.

Our ability to add value for our clients at every opportunity is an important part of our business and allows us to constantly exceed expectations.
We work hard to ensure that each and every project is delivered on time and within budget. Careful project planning allows each project to run smoothly.
You’ll be kept in the loop of things and updated on a regular basis on building milestones through our project management app. Every client has their own portal to check on progress and selection.

Work with ISO certified experienced Commercial builders in Melbourne.

Commercial Builders
Commercial Builders
Commercial Development

We take pride in delivering customised solutions to our client’s needs as our first step involves a thorough assessment of the plan and current scenario. Through our well-structured processes, vast experience in commercial development, and access to reputable suppliers, our clients get the best possible outcome with utmost satisfaction.

Custom Home Builders In Melbourne
Here at Edina Commercial, we value working as a team.

As experienced commercial builders, we are experts at commercial building to ensure your project delivery is a professional building experience.

Along with a strong team of trade contractors and design consultants, we are able to build out your commercial space in a short amount of time and in the best quality possible.

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French Provincial Home Builders

Let’s do the work for you. We see sloping sites as a wealth of creative architecture possibilities to create height, capture light, and capitalise on views while considering your privacy.


Narrow or odd-shaped sites present a unique opportunity and a challenge. These blocks require specific architectural skills, knowledge, and expertise to maximise their potentials when building your perfect home.


Build your dream home on land you own or get advice from us on different land options where we base the design and build from the land orientation and your goals.

Edina Building Group Testimonial
Marcus C.
Custom Home at Burwood

I decided to use Edina Building Group because one, they were local, two they’ve got experience and there they struck me as a couple of guys who like a challenge. Edina did very well meeting the budget and in the end we have a charming dwelling that we are proud of and our neighbours are very happy with.

Edina Building Group Testimonial
Farshid M.

As developers who are also engineers, we care about the design and quality of the final product and were looking for a builder who could complete the project on time and within our budget. Edina Building Groupd met and exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.



  • 7 Essentials covering planning, deadlines, selections, costs, quotes, and communication.
  • PLUS BONUS: 104 Point checklist of items to review in your building quote before you sign the contact.
  • PLUS BONUS: How to decide on a professional custom builder before you start on your project.
  • Based on over 30 years’ experience in custom home building.

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