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Greenfield Block Builders

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A fresh piece of land may be the best way to start new and build a home, but it requires a long process; it can take 6 months to 2 years depending on what kind of land you purchase and the home you choose to build.

Edina Building Group has the experience and seamless process to avoid any pitfalls, helping you have a successful and exciting journey homebuilding journey. Book a FREE consultation with Us today to discuss your site plan, design, and requirements.


e understand how exciting it is to build on a greenfield area because it’s cheaper and offers the opportunity to start new, but building a new residence structure on Melbourne land requires a long process and permission from the council.

Edina Building Group ensures a hassle-free homebuilding journey for its clients through its seamless process. Our team of greenfield experts have years of experience to avoid any pitfalls in building your dream home.

Greenfield refers to fresh land that is made available by the government to build new homes.

Greenfield areas offer a cheaper way to build and buy a home. The land becomes available for sale to potential home buyers as new infrastructure like roads and rail is built.

Brownfield is another term that you might come across. 

This refers to land that has been previously developed, but is no longer in use.

Brownfield land is more expensive and takes longer to develop because of contamination and other costs.

Many downsizers, investors, and first home buyers in Melbourne are choosing to benefit from the cost-benefits of building a new house, knowing that they will have something brand new at the end.

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