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The right advice can save you time, money, and hassle. Applying for council approval without expert advice can cause stress, financial problems, and extend your timeframes.

Our experienced team of town planners can help you get your development approval instantly including clear advice on what will or won’t be approved, how to adjust your plan to get council approval, how you can identify opportunities to add value to the plans, and assistance with the preparation of a complete Council Development application.

Town Planning and Development
  • Town Planning
  • Subdivision
  • Multi Luxury Townhouse Builders
  • Dual Occupancy Builders
  • House Extension
  • Granny Flat
  • Backyard Studio

Best Quality
We lead with the heart. Our aim for over 30 years has always been the same – the continuous improvement of our services to help our clients better.

Open and honest communication are embedded in our commitment to you. We make sure to have a full transparency in every process, service, and project we do.

Our expert guidance in building the best homes for you includes taking advantage of your land size, shape, slope, and distinct features – we make sure you get the best out of it.

Single Point of Contact
Our process of having a single point of contact provides better communication, accountability, and an overall hassle-free experience to our clients.


Let’s do the work for you. We see sloping sites as a wealth of creative architecture possibilities to create height, capture light, and capitalise on views while considering your privacy.


Narrow or odd-shaped sites present a unique opportunity and a challenge. These blocks require specific architectural skills, knowledge, and expertise to maximise their potentials when building your perfect home.


Build your dream home on land you own or get advice from us on different land options where we base the design and build from the land orientation and your goals.

Custom Home Builders

It is an exciting time to bring all your dreams together when you build a new house. Spend your precious and valuable time with those you love.

Our custom home building process has been simplified for our clients in Melbourne so you can have your custom dream home built with ease. We take care of all the details so you see the results in reality.

Our custom home building process is centred on providing quality solutions to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. You will enjoy a unique building experience with a single point of contact, maximum transparency, and high levels of detail.

French Provincial Home Builders Home
French Provincial Home Builders BUILDERS IN MELBOURNE

Your home should reflect your personal style. This will bring joy and comfort.

Edina Building Group is a leader in French Provincial home design and build. We offer our clients the chance to design a unique, timeless home that will fulfill all their needs and desires. We offer a complete service that is personal.

We make it simple and provide a service that will have your home looking just the way you wanted.

Heritage Home Builders BUILDERS IN MELBOURNE

Heritage Home Builders are homes that preserve a piece of Australian history and can be more desirable because they are rare and unique.

Many buyers fail to do enough research and end up buying properties without fully understanding the constraints, obligations and responsibility that come with owning a piece in history.

We are familiar with the laws and limitations surrounding heritage home renovations, refurbishments, and extensions in Melbourne.

Dual Occupancy Builders EXPERTS IN MELBOURNE

You might be thinking of developing a relationship with a friend or family member. You might want to stay in one house and enjoy the local amenities, while having the option of renting or selling the other.

Investors and owners-occupiers alike will benefit from knocking down one dwelling and rebuilding multiple houses via dual occupancy. This allows you to outlay one block of land, but also sell multiple dwellings.

Boutique’s dual occupancy range, along with our expert project team, will allow you to build quality duplexes that are both functional and attractive regardless of your investment goals.

Luxury Townhouse Builders
Luxury Townhouse Builders BUILDERS IN MELBOURNE

When building a townhouse, you need expert guidance and advice.Edina Building Group has over 30 year of experience that can provide custom solutions for even the most challenging situations.

Melbourne’s popularity with townhouses has increased rapidly. To increase the value of your property, you might think about building townhouses.

Although ready-made display townhouses can seem appealing unfortunately they do not take into account your specific land features (sloping or narrow blocks), they are more vulnerable to quality and structural issues.

We refuse to accept the “near enough is good enough” mentality.

Home Extensions and Renovations
Home Extension / Renovation Builders In Melbourne

It’s easy to expand, renovate or extend your home with Us. From concept to completion, we can assist you. We are Melbourne’s leading experts in dream homes. Our team includes architects, builders, and approval specialists.

We’re happy to assist you in any home improvement project. Superior customer service is what we offer.

We aim to establish a long-lasting partnership with our clients in order that their future projects are successful for them, as well as their families and friends.

Basement Build in Melbourne
Basement BuildersERS IN MELBOURNE

Edina Building Group offers the best concrete basement constructions. We are reliable as a service provider. We can improve the living area of your home and make it more useful. We are a trusted service provider because we have over three decades of industry experience.

We guarantee that every subfloor we build for you will last. Concrete basement construction is what we do best. Concrete basement floors are our specialty. We can take on any job, no matter how big or small. We will help you complete your project quickly.

Plan your basement carefully. We have the experience and knowledge to help you avoid any pitfalls and make sure your project is a success.

Health & Safety

Edina Building Group recognises its moral and legal responsibilities under occupational health and safety (OH&S) legislation to provide a safe and healthy work environment. To meet the objectives of this policy, management representatives are committed to regular consultation with employees to ensure that health and safety issues are regularly reviewed.


We recognises that sustainability requires the optimisation and positive effects of environmental, social and economic outcomes. This ensures ecosystems are maintained, communities thrive and society prospers, now and in the future. This overarching policy provides the framework for setting and achieving our targets. We are committed to developing and maintaining appropriate environmental procedures as required on each project we undertake.

Quality Control

We have set a new industry standard in Melbourne to ensure that every building we make is of the highest quality. No detail is too small.Our construction management platform maps out each stage of our quality control process and ensures that everything is in place from the very beginning.Every home is inspected by us regularly, as well as the construction managers. 




  • Via website questionnaire
  • Via phone call appointment
  • Via email

Once you filled our questionnaire and book a call, we will ask you some design and construction questions to determine your building requirements.


We respond to your filled questionnaire within 48 hours. Our initial consultation is an opportunity to meet the Edina Building Group team assigned to your project. Here, you can ask questions regarding your proposed project or discuss all your requirements.

Our initial consultation is intended to advise you how we can build your project within budget and on time. We will require relevant documents to give you an indication of our expected ballpark figure for our design and build cost, which will also enable you to determine your project budget and time frame.

Our ballpark design and build cost will then be prepared and presented to you to ensure all specifications.


By this stage, you have decided that our ballpark design and build cost are within your budget, have considered us to turn your vision into reality, and are willing to proceed with the town planning, and drawing preparations.

You will then have to approve the Preliminary Building Agreement (PBA) including the preparation of town planning and working drawings such as architectural, engineering, and civil drawings, a number of consultant reports, and a land survey suitable for the construction of your project.

The payment for the PBA will only cover the cost of town planning, working drawings, relevant consultant reports, and land surveys if required. No construction deposit is required at this stage until working drawings are completed and the exact construction cost has been defined.


We will prepare and submit preliminary drawings, civil, landscaping, and all required reports for town planning to the council once the Preliminary Building Agreement (PBA) is approved. Edina Building Group will be the point of contact on behalf of the client to ensure a hassle-free process.


We will start preparing the drawings including architectural, engineering, and civil drawings with other consultant documents and reports once the town planning permit is approved.

All required documents will be ready and submitted to the Registered Building Surveyors (RBS) to obtain a building permit.


You will be provided with a detailed fixed-price construction and project management proposal once drawings are completed. This paid service includes a complete schedule and an estimated cost breakdown of the construction program. Please note that it is a minimum of 50 pages in length, detailing everything you need to know in your project. Any quote or tender less than this, means something is missing.

The associate cost is to be paid in advance to produce an accurate and detailed fixed-price proposal. This amount will be deducted from your first progress payment once the construction contract has been awarded.


We will prepare the standard building contract (HIA, MBAV, AS) with other required documents once drawings and the final tender proposal price are finalised.

A construction meeting will be arranged with you once all required documents are signed. The warranty insurance certificate for your project will be issued when we receive your finance approval with a request for a 5% deposit of the total contract price.


We will give you full access to our online project management system for the completion of your selections, price viewing and adjustments, and approval of variations (if any).

You will also have a consultation with our design and colour consultant, and a showroom consultation with our suppliers at this stage.


You will have regular updates and meetings with your project manager and site supervisor once construction starts.

For transparency, you can access all your project information during construction and critical stage inspections on our online project management system.


We will walk you through the occupancy permit and project handover process. We will liaise with the council and building surveyors for an occupation certificate for your project, and prepare all job-specific documentation for your records. Then, a project meeting with you will happen where we hand over the manual and present the keys to your new home.


You will have a 180 day maintenance period to address concerns you may have. This will involve access to our trades and suppliers to ensure your home is well maintained. We will also provide you with regular emails, updating you with what’s required in certain stages after your handover day. We will also provide you with a ten-year structural warranty for your new home.


We’ve had the honour of building many beautiful homes for families throughout Melbourne. Explore our past work and get inspired: just imagine what we could build for you!

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We will give you full transparancy from start to finish. We have no reason to hide.

Let mother nature test your new house with all the seasons before we say the job is done.

Our design + build projects are always on budget and on time. This is guaranteed!

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