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Narrow Block Builders

Edina Building Group

More lands in Melbourne are released in narrow blocks today. Edina Building Group stays ahead of the curve by designing and building homes that fit your lifestyle and best suit your block. We design strategically to utilise natural light and higher ceilings, coming up with the best way to build on a narrow block.

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ou don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle and living space on a small block.

Edina Building Group can make your home feel spacious even if it’s built on a narrow block. Our clever and functional designs allow uninterrupted flow throughout living spaces. We focus on maximising land sizes, no matter how small or big they are, to create an open feeling while incorporating functional and efficient spaces.

Our clever designs of your house will incorporate open plan living spaces that allow for uninterrupted flow throughout.

Edina Building Group believes that narrow block houses can be a great option for anyone looking to maximise their space and get a great value home.

Many families we work with are at various stages of their lives.

They tell us that they want a beautiful home and a great lifestyle, without having to worry about the extra maintenance required for larger houses. These families are often shocked to discover that larger homes can offer many of the same conveniences without having to increase in size or cost.

Edina Building Group’s narrow block designs are focused on maximising land and creating an open feeling. They also ensure a functional, efficient space with no dead areas.

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