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Sloping Block Builders

Edina Building Group

Building on a sloping block can be difficult, but we have expert knowledge and experience to reduce the site cost in building your home.

You can have your home designed and built from scratch by us, or we can build the design you already have. Book a FREE consultation with Us today to discuss your site plan, design, and requirements.


locks in Melbourne come in different shapes, sizes, and elevations. In most cases, a flat block with a slab-on-ground design is more preferable to a sloping one.

Sloping blocks can be difficult and expensive to plan and design – their characteristics require a lot of planning considerations and professional work.

Edina Building Group has extensive experience designing functional homes on difficult or sloping blocks in Melbourne. We can make the most out of your land while staying on budget throughout construction.

If you use an innovative design approach, a split-level custom home can provide many unique and flexible benefits.

Edina Building Group has extensive experience in designing homes that work on difficult or sloping blocks. We can make the most out of every inch of your land and still keep to budget throughout construction.

A challenging or sloped block can make it possible to build a stunning home with breathtaking views, privacy, and an innovative floor plan.

We have the experience to design and build customs homes on difficult and sloping blocks in Melbourne.

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