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Our Processes

Custom Home Design and Build


  • Via website questionnaire
  • Via phone call appointment
  • Via email

Once you filled our Questionnaire and booked your Priority call, our first phone call communication will take place to answer some of your questions about design or construction to determine your building requirements and get an idea of what you are after.


We respond to your filled Questionnaire within 48 hours and our initial consultation will provide the opportunity to meet with the Edina Building Group team to walk you through current projects under construction. Here, you can ask any questions you may have in regards to your proposed project or simply meet us in our office and have a one-hour consultation with our director to discuss your building requirements and all your queries.

During this meeting, we will also discuss how Edina Building Group can get your new project built within budget and on time, saving you thousands of dollars, while we review your project working drawings and relevant documents Following our first meeting, we consider all the information to give you an indication of our expected ballpark figure for Design & Build Cost. This enables you to decide your project budget and required time frame.

Our ballpark Design & Build Cost Proposal is then prepared and presented back to you along with a selection of specifications before the real fun begins.


By this stage, you have decided that our expected ballpark Design & Build Cost is within your project budget and you have considered Edina Building Group to turn your vision into reality and willing to proceed with the working drawings preparation.

By you approving the Preliminary Building Agreement (PBA) which includes the preparation of working drawings such as architectural, engineering and civil drawings, a number of consultant reports and land survey suitable for construction of your project.

The payment amount for the PBA will only cover the cost of working drawings, relevant consultant report and land survey if required and no construction deposit is required at this stage until working drawings are completed and the exact construction cost defined.


Once, the Preliminary Building Agreement is approved, we will start the working drawing preparation including architectural, engineering and civil drawings along with other consultant documents and reports. At this stage, all required documents will be ready to submit to the Registered Building Surveyors (RBS) to obtain the building permit.


Upon working drawings completion, you will be provided with a detailed fixed-price construction and project management proposal. This paid service includes complete finish schedule and estimated cost breakdown along with the construction program. This is a minimum of 50 pages in length, detailing everything to be included in your project. Any quote or tender less than this, you should be concerned that something is missing.

In order to produce the most accurate and detailed fixed-price proposal, the associate cost to be paid in advance and the paid amount will be deducted from the first progress payment once the construction contract awarded.


Once working drawings finalised and upon the agreement of the final tender proposal price and program, we will prepare the standard building contract (HIA, MBAV, AS) and other required documents. A construction meeting will be arranged with you when all required documents are signed and any questions that you might have can be asked. Upon receiving your finance approval, the warranty insurance certificate will be issued for your project. This is where we will request a 5% deposit of the total contract price.


You will receive full access to our online project management system for completion of your selections, viewing of any price amendments and your approval of variations (if any). You will have a consultation with our design and colour consultant as well as showroom consultations with our preferred trades and suppliers.


Once construction commences, you will have regular updates and site meetings with Edina project manager and the site supervisor. You will have full access to our online project management system for all project information during construction as well as attending critical stage inspections of your project on a regular basis.


You will have a comprehensive walk through prior to occupancy permit and project handover. We will liaise with Council & Building Surveyors to seek an occupation certificate for your new project and prepare all job-specific documentation for your future records. You will have a personal meeting at your project to give you the handover manual and present the keys to your new home.


You will have a 180 day maintenance period to address any details that may require attention. This will involve access to trades and suppliers to ensure your home is maintained well above your expected level. We will provide you with regular emails to ensure that you are kept informed and up to date with what is required at certain stages after your handover day. You will receive a ten- year structural warranty on your new home.

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