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Our recruitment process focuses on finding candidates who demonstrate leadership and management potential with excellent technical skills as we place a high priority on the retention and development of our team and take pride in those who enjoy their job.

Formal training plans are implemented to assist both individual and organisational goals, and our formal performance management system helps identify gaps, recognise performance and reward achievement. Equally important, our open and inclusive culture encourages staff to grow with the organisation. We place a high priority on the retention and development of our people.

Edina Building Group recognises that people work to live – not live to work. We do all we can to help and support our team but the construction industry is intense and delivers its own challenges and rewards which means we need those on the team who can cope with changes and challenges that the industry brings.

Graduate career paths are encouraged at an entry-level through the structured mentoring that is offered at Edina Building Group. This is designed in a way where the graduates can see many aspects of the business and have the opportunity to have a hands-on approach to learning.

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