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Custom Home Builders For Blackburn and Surrounds

Edina Building Group can turn your vision into a stunning new home. If you are looking for an experienced team to complete a knockdown rebuild or create an incredible new home with unique designs, then trust us with all of your building needs.


Bentleigh Custom Builders

    Custom Home Design and Build in Blackburn

    We all want our homes to be tailor-made for us. At Edina Building Group, we can make your custom dream home design + build in Blackburn and surrounding suburbs come true.

    We have got you covered end to end! No two houses should look alike – that’s why every detail is carefully planned out so they match inside AND out. From plan to reality.

    Knockdown Rebuild in Blackburn

    When renovating your existing property just won’t cut it, why not consider building a brand new Edina Building Group home right where you are?

    The benefits of a knockdown rebuild in Blackburn are two-fold: Not only will you be able to stay in the place that feels like “home” while updating everything inside with modern appliances and fixtures; but also because knockdown rebuilds in Blackburn cost substantially less per square metre than traditional reno projects.

    So when faced with a refresh to an old property or to replace with your dream home – think about if starting fresh would make more sense.

    Ready Plan Build in Blackburn

    Building a custom home is easier than you think!

    You may already have ready plans and need us just to build in Blackburn.

    You might even be stuck getting permits or at a standstill with the designing process.

    Our team will take care of everything so that all obstacles are overcome, even if they’re just temporary setbacks like waiting on council approval before construction can continue – which we know has happened too many times already for any builder’s liking.

    Let us help make sure that our experience will ensure you are on track and living in your dream home faster.

    Town Planning and Development in Blackburn

    We have a wealth of experience in town planning and development in Blackburn.

    The purpose of zones, schedules and overlays is to protect the character and integrity of suburbs and regulate development in specific areas so that it is in alignment with local councils.

    We are familiar with the requirements of planning laws and will design your home to meet them. We visit the site to determine what limitations exist for this type of structure, and then we create a realistic plan to build within these limits!

    We have worked closely with local council members at every stage, from the concept stage to completion.

    Edina Building Group is an expert in planning applications for residential and commercial properties. Because we understand how important it is to our clients that their projects are approved and completed on time, we can assist you in making this happen.


    We have all of your favourite designer additions including chandeliers, crown mouldings, parquet floors – you name it!

    With a wealth of inspiration at hand to help bring any vision for an amazing dream house into reality.

    You can feel free to touch or view options that will inspire every step along this journey together with Us as we create one-of-a-kind masterpieces just waiting for their turn under lights so they can be enjoyed by everyone who walks through these doors.

    Here, you will be personally guided by a Senior Interior Stylist who will work alongside you and help you choose your fixtures and gather different features to create your home’s design palette – bringing together all the elements you had imagined.


    You haven’t experienced true hospitality until you’ve worked with Us! We believe in building quality homes in Blackburn that are memorable for the ages.

    Our clients are treated as a family and our team takes pride in their work. We aim to deliver excellence at every step of the way.

    Our Process

    As one of Blackburn’s leading custom home builders, we have recognised that it is our seamless and unbelievably efficient building process which sets us apart from the pack. From beginning to end your dedicated team includes specialists who are each involved in every design detail – working together as a cohesive unit for you so that when this project comes full circle at handover day (which will be spectacular!), no stone goes unturned!

    Health & Safety

    Edina Building Group recognises its moral and legal responsibilities under occupational health and safety (OH&S) legislation to provide a safe and healthy work environment. We are committed to regular employee consultations to ensure health and safety issues are regularly reviewed.


    We recognise that sustainability requires positive effects on the environment, society, and economy. Edina Building Group makes efforts to ensure ecosystems are maintained, communities thrive, and society prospers, now and in the future. We are committed to developing and maintaining appropriate environmental, social, and economic procedures in each project we take and the services we offer.

    Quality Control

    We have set a new industry standard in Melbourne ensuring every building we make is top-quality. Our construction managers inspect every home we build regularly, while our verified and trusted construction management tool maps out each of our quality control processes.


    As experts in our field, we are not just your builder. At Edina Building Group we are your trusted partner who has undertaken the multi-unit development journey many times before. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and provide you with access to your own online portal – accessible anywhere and anytime – to ensure that you are kept updated and informed.

    WHY BUILD A Custom Home Builders IN Blackburn WITH US

    Partnering with our luxury custom home builders in Blackburn, you can be sure that your new build will serve not only this life but many others as well.

    By incorporating innovative design techniques and high-end finishing touches throughout the property we ensure a lasting legacy for all who enter its portals.

    We create your dream home the way that you want it, not only for today but for tomorrow as well.

    our satisfaction gurantee is a promise
    Edina Building Group

    We have nothing to hide. We will give you full transparency from start to finish.

    Let mother nature test your new house with all the seasons before we say the job is done.

    Our design + build projects are always on budget and on time. This is guaranteed!


    Established in 1991, we have the skills and knowledge to craft a stunning and unique home suited perfectly for you and your lifestyle.

    We offer our services across Melbourne, from Doncaster, Bentleigh, Glen Waverley to Balwyn, Bulleen, Burwood and surrounding areas, and welcome you to get in touch with us today to learn more about our services. Mail us [email protected] or fill out our online enquiry form.

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    Ready To Start Creating Your Dream Home?

    If you would like to turn those dreams into a reality the most important thing to remember is that you need to get started now. Regardless, of what stage you are at, you can get in touch with Us today and let us show you how we turn those dreams into a reality. Our process from start to finish is so seemless and easy that you may think that you are still dreaming!