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Crafting Your Dream Home

No two dream homes are alike; they’re a reflection of the people who live in them. As dream home builders, our custom homes are designed just for you. Our team pays close attention to detail. From the start, we work together to create blueprints that match your dream. Quality matters to us—we use top-notch materials and skilled tradespeople. Your dream home isn’t just a project; it’s our commitment to excellence.

Our process is clear and straightforward. No surprises, so you can have confidence from day one. We’re not just home builders; we’re partners in bringing your dream home to life.

Custom Home Builders
Basement Builders

Quality Construction, No Compromises

As dream home builders, we know that the desired results can only be achieved through top-notch materials.  Our team uses innovative technologies for modern living. Smart features and energy efficiency are standard. Attention to detail is our thing. Every step of the building process is carefully executed.

Your dream home becomes a reality with us, exceeding expectations. Explore the possibilities of dream living with a home crafted by experts.

Custom Home Builders

Our experience as dream home builders

We’ve guided many people through their dream home build. Our extensive experience has leant us special insight into what works and what doesn’t, the things many people fail to consider and, quite simply, the quirks of these complex builds.

What we always say is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Trust us as your dream home builders to be your guide through the complicated landscape of custom home building. We always keep open channels of communication and ensure our clients are the best informed and most knowledgeable of anyone.

Custom Home Builders
Custom Home Builders In Balwyn

Smart Living, Sustainable Choices

Building your dream home means embracing innovation. We integrate the latest smart technologies. Automated systems and cutting-edge features make your home advanced and stylish. We’re not just builders; we’re forward-thinkers.

Our focus extends to sustainability. Energy-efficient options make your home eco-friendly. We stay ahead, creating homes for the future. Discover a dream home that’s both technologically advanced and environmentally conscious.

Custom Home Builders

Transparent Process, No Stress

The building of a home comes with its fair level of stress. When we’re talking about dream homes, that stress can be amplified. One of our core tenets is relieving as much stress for you as we can. To that end, we are dedicated to having a transparent process.

Your dream home should come with a clear process. From the first meeting to the final walkthrough, we keep it simple. Our pricing is transparent. No surprises, just assurance. Take a closer look at our process and learn how we go about building dream homes.

Custom Home Builders

It’s a big decision to build a custom designed home. You may feel overwhelmed. The process is both exciting and easy when you choose the right builder.

At Edina Building Group, we understand that real luxury is not about fashion, but about timeless design, built with quality materials and outstanding attention to detail.  Edina has you covered, whether you like a modern, traditional, or contemporary home.

Custom Home Builders Melbourne
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We are making the slope work for you as we believe the sloping site brings a wealth of possibilities for creative architecture to create height, capture light and capitalise on views whilst giving you more privacy.


Narrow or odd-shaped sites present a unique opportunity and a challenge. Often these blocks require specific architectural skills, knowledge, and expertise to be able to maximise their potential when building the perfect home or profitable investment for you.


Be the first to build on a piece of land that you already own or get in touch with Us in advising on different land options based on your goals. We can then also assist in the design and build of your perfect home based on the orientation of that land.

Edina Building Group Testimonial
Marcus C.
Custom Home at Burwood

I decided to use Edina Building Group because one, they were local, two they’ve got experience and there they struck me as a couple of guys who like a challenge. Edina did very well meeting the budget and in the end we have a charming dwelling that we are proud of and our neighbours are very happy with.

Edina Building Group Testimonial
Farshid M.

As developers who are also engineers, we care about the design and quality of the final product and were looking for a builder who could complete the project on time and within our budget. Edina Building Groupd met and exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.



  • 7 Essentials covering planning, deadlines, selections, costs, quotes, and communication.
  • PLUS BONUS: 104 Point checklist of items to review in your building quote before you sign the contact.
  • PLUS BONUS: How to decide on a professional custom builder before you start on your project.
  • Based on over 30 years’ experience in custom home building.

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If you would like to turn those dreams into a reality the most important thing to remember is that you need to get started now. Regardless, of what stage you are at, you can get in touch with Us today and let us show you how we turn those dreams into a reality. Our process from start to finish is so seemless and easy that you may think that you are still dreaming!