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7 Luxury Kitchen Must Haves in 2022

Luxury Kitchen Must Haves
Luxury Kitchen Must Haves

1. Refrigerated Drawers

Unlike traditional refrigeration, Refrigerated Drawers can be installed in the center of the kitchen. Their precision performance means that the temperature of the contents is maintained at a constant temperature without any energy loss. In addition, you won’t have to deal with dripping or spilling liquids and ice. You’ll also enjoy better space utilisation because the Refrigerated Drawers only occupy a fraction of the surface area.

Another advantage of Refrigerated Drawers in the kitchen is that you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your kitchen. The refrigeration drawer will blend in with your décor and will not take up valuable kitchen space. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a sleek, modern kitchen. Aside from a minimalist look, it’s also designed for easy access to food. These fridge drawers are the perfect choice for any luxury kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Must Haves

2. Warming Drawers

A warming drawer is a great way to keep food warm and ready for serving. Whether you’re preparing a small family dinner or catering to a large dinner party, a warming drawer can be very helpful.

For the easiest accessibility and most convenient use, the warming drawer is typically placed under the counter, one drawer down. However, it’s completely up to you which location works best.

The most popular warming drawers have digital displays that give a visual indication of the internal temperature and are a must-have for any modern luxury kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Must Haves

3. Built in Coffee Station

The design of your Built in Coffee Station can make a big impact on the aesthetics of your kitchen. This statement piece not only adds extra counter space to your kitchen, but is also naturally functional for any coffee connoisseur that radiates sophistication with that WOW-Factor.

Whether you choose a rustic look or a more modern design, a built-in Coffee Station will help you create a sense of luxury only previously seen in Bond films.

Luxury Kitchen Must Haves

4. Pot Filler

Pot fillers (also known as kettle faucets) are the most necessary piece of functional kitchen must-haves which are considered luxury but have us confused as to why they haven’t been mandatory in every kitchen.

We are always looking for ways to improve our kitchens, but these chic taps are equally useful and make our cooking experience feel more seamless. Once you experience a pot filler and never have to lug around a big pot full of water across the kitchen, there will be no turning back.

Pot fillers can be as discreet or as flashy and elaborate as you like. The reality is they are the single most valuable amenity on this list!

Luxury Kitchen Must Haves

5. Sensor-Controlled Oven

In the past, it was up to you to ensure you had the perfect roast. Thanks to tech upgrades, these must have luxury sensor controlled ovens will basically do everything for you except the dishes.

Smart cookers are equipped with many features. They can sense the weight of your meat and adjust the settings accordingly. Some smart cookers have touchscreen doors or built-in cameras. Others allow you to cook at two different temperatures simultaneously.

Perfectly cooked meals every time and anytime are the keys to success in your modern luxury kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Must Haves

6. Smart Fridge

The fridge is used a million times per week: Open, close, and chill. The days of manually writing out grocery lists may be gone. The smart fridge is here – connected refrigerators with built-in AI, can be accessed via an app, and are more efficient than your regular fridge.

Smart refrigerators can not only let you order groceries whenever the need arises but also have a slew of useful features, such as connecting to your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices or having special beverage centers that keep your drink collection in top condition (very important).

A luxury and functional kitchen at its finest are now fully integrating technology with modern appliances to make our lives even easier than before.

Luxury Kitchen Must Haves

7. Functional and Ambient Lighting

Kitchens are the heart of the home and where all the sharp things live. Therefore, lighting is a different issue than in your bedroom or living room.
Kitchen lighting can be divided into three types: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and functional lighting. It’s more than just putting lights up on the ceiling and hoping for the best. It’s important to carefully consider the placement and style of your lighting for a real luxury kitchen.

Your lighting success will depend on how much control you have over the intensity. Dimmers allow light adjustment to be made based on natural light levels or occasion. If you are cooking for your family, turn it up. Entertaining or having a romantic dinner for two, you know exactly what to do.

Remember that the most beautiful and successful luxury kitchens are a combination of all three lighting types.

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