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The Problem With Reality TV Shows in 2021

THE problem with reality tv shows in 2021

Home design and renovation reality TV shows have exploded over the last decade, with every type of scenario now playing out on our screens. While the concept might be different, most shows follow the same pattern: amazing transformations on an allocated budget, seemingly overnight!

Unfortunately, the ‘reality’ of these TV shows is dramatically different to what you see on screen, setting unrealistic expectations for clients when you come to do it yourself. As builders, we are often frustrated seeing the unachievable timelines and results being pushed on these programs, as they are often done to a lesser quality and without essential considerations.

One of the key themes is the number of trades on site – it’s often much more than you’ll see on a regular building site. This is because a professional builder won’t want to rush or crowd each element, scheduling so that trades have time and space to get the work done to the highest standard. This means no shortcuts and no risks to health and safety!

A second theme is the time it takes to build a new home – a lot of work is left off-camera, so what you see doesn’t reflect what is actually required. A high-quality builder will set timeline expectations early (preferably before you sign any contract) and explain the stages of your project clearly and concisely, so you know exactly what is happening when. Should anything change throughout the build, they should have a clear line of communication, providing updates so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Ever noticed the recurring hardware stores and supplier ads throughout an episode of a construction reality show? This is for a reason – commercial deals mean they can offer materials to contestants or participants at a cut price, reducing their overall costs significantly. It’s essential you never take the price of something you’ve seen on the show as final – chances are it’s realistically a lot higher.

At the end of the day, these reality TV shows are a great way to gather inspiration, see trends come to life and learn about certain suppliers. However, we’d never suggest trying to replicate them – when it comes down to it, ‘reality’ TV doesn’t exactly live up to its name!

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