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The Benefits of Home Automation after COVID-19


Home automation might evoke visions of The Jetsons, or a sci-fi movie, but in reality, it’s an incredibly beneficial addition to any new home – and it isn’t as complicated as you may think.

In the last decade, we’ve made leaps and bounds when it comes to smart home technology, with a solution for everything from turning on the lights, to locking the front door. Each addition is designed to make your everyday experience easier than ever, making daily tasks almost seamless. However, the benefits don’t end there. Here are some of our favourite reasons to invest in home automation:

Temperature control 

It’s becoming increasingly common for electricity providers to supply ‘smart’ thermostats, so controlling the temperature of your home, even when you’re not in it, is arguably one of the easiest ways to introduce automation into your home.

Once installed, most systems require the downloading of an app and a quick program of the thermostat. It means you can adjust the temperature of your home from your bed, the lounge room or even the garden. This technology can also save you money in a big way – you can make changes when you’re not home, meaning it doesn’t need to be on unnecessarily.


From alarms to automating your locks, there are plenty of ways to introduce home automation when it comes to security. Alarms are now available fully automated, meaning you can enable or disable with the touch of a button. This introduces a new level of flexibility – disable it to let the cleaner in, then enable it after they leave, or simply never worry about forgetting to turn it on ever again! It’s also a great second defence if you have forgetful kids (or partners!) who may leave a door open every now and then.

CCTV isn’t a new concept, but the technology has progressed significantly since it was introduced. Motion-activated sensors are now the norm, meaning the cameras only start recording when something or someone starts moving. This is great for general peace of mind, or to keep an eye on pets or teenagers when you’re not home.

Camera-based doorbells also add a new level of security, streaming to your phone whenever it’s rung. This means you can re-direct postmen or couriers, or simply see who is snooping around your home when you’re not there.


Save money with automated light and outlet systems! Thanks to the latest technology, you can set your lights on timers or turn them on/off from your phone, reducing your energy consumption significantly. If you opt for outlet automation, you can also control power points, so can turn them off when not required, or perhaps limit TV/Internet/game usage when required!


Smart appliances are a more recent invention, with fridges, ovens, washers and dryers all on the market. You can set all of them up to notify you should the fridge door be left open, or the oven left on.  They can also monitor energy usage and make automated adjustments to ensure they’re not using excess energy and therefore, costing you money. A smart oven can also be programmed to turn on when required, meaning you could come home to a pre-heated oven, ready to cook!


Should you thinking about incorporating home automation into your new home design, get in touch with the team at Edina Building Group! We’ll be able to provide information on the latest technology and answer any questions you may have.

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