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Is It Time For New Appliances After COVID-19?

is it time for new APPLIANCES after covid-19?

Last year, as the pandemic kept us cooped up inside our homes, many of us decided to spend our free time working on our cooking skills. This saw the proliferation of cooking videos and trends on social media, as people shared their culinary creations online with friends and family. Who among us didn’t try and make bread from scratch, or test out the latest viral pasta trend on TikTok?

But COVID-19 is still shaping the way we work and cook. With many offices still empty as employees continue to work remotely, cooking at home has remained a big part of people’s lives – and it looks to remain this way well into the future.

All this extra time spent in the kitchen has meant that we are buying new appliances at record speed, while also realising that some of our kitchen tools may need an upgrade. Read on to learn about the appliances you should consider updating in 2021 and beyond.


Is your oven unpredictable, or constantly charring your food? Then it’s probably time for an update.

A staple of the kitchen, a good-quality oven will help you bake incredible desserts and roasts for the whole family. We recommend selecting your oven based on your favourite meals, as different types of ovens will be better at roasting a chicken or cooking a cake.

outdoor kitchen appliances

In the wake of the lockdown, many of us are making up for lost time by hosting plenty of social dinners and gatherings with friends and family.

If you are looking to elevate the entertainment areas in your home, then why not consider a new outdoor kitchen? You’ll be able to craft incredible meals while socialising and won’t have to be relegated indoors to the kitchen.

the fridge

There are an abundance of new fridges on the market that will help you keep your goods organised, with innovative and highly functional storage components for different types of food. This means you’ll have a clearer idea of what food you actually have and can ensure that rotting and forgotten food in the fridge is a thing of the past.

A new fridge will also come with plenty of high-tech innovations such as ice cube makers, water filters and even wi-fi connections which mean you can set the temperature of your fridge remotely on your phone.

smart technology

Why not make cooking easier and invest in smart technology in the kitchen? Beyond the fridge, you’ll be able to set timers on your oven, microwave and even set the temperature of your stove tops from your iPhone. Making a delicious meal has never been simpler!


Looking to build a brand-new home with all-new appliances? Get in touch with the team at Edina Building Group today.

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