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The Importance of Colour in the Home after COVID-19


After spending a good chunk of 2020 and 2021 in our homes, our approach to colour in the home may have changed significantly. The pandemic has triggered larger design shifts, including the importance of outdoor and working space, but it has also led more of us to consider the role of the hues on our walls and how they might make us feel within a space.

The last 18 months has seen a quarantine palette come through on Pinterest boards and in glossy home magazines – darker, moodier colours are out and blues, greens and organic neutrals are in, with a splash of bright pinks, yellows and purples. In times of uncertainty, we’ve moved away from stimulating colours and onto reassuring ones, creating tranquil spaces where we can truly relax.

However, that’s not to say we can’t have a little fun. In lieu of travelling and events, bold accents add a little excitement to your home, celebrating new ideas and encouraging creativity – especially helpful when that 3pm Tuesday slump hits.

Blues and greens are proving particularly popular because of the psychology behind them: green is considered calming and a representation of nature, while blue evokes feelings of trust.  Organic neutrals are also growing in popularity for a completely different reason: to make the walls as incognito as possible, so you don’t get sick of it. It also helps to make the space look and feel larger than it might actually be, especially important for smaller rooms like bathrooms.

If you’re considering changing the colours of your walls, or are building new and are struggling for inspiration, here are our top tips.


Before you paint anything, remember what each room will be used for, and how your chosen colours may affect activities in this space. For example, a bedroom should focus on a calming colour palette that encourages rest and relaxation, while you may want a home office that inspires creativity with a bold hue, or encourages focus with a neutral tone.


Open-plan living continues to be an incredibly popular design trend and can often result in a fairly neutral colour choice across the entire space. This shouldn’t stop you injecting a little liveliness into your living spaces, with colourful accents that energise.


Home interior technology has progressed significantly, meaning there are now plenty of more temporary options for your walls. Stick-on wallpaper means you can commit to a certain design without worrying about growing tired of it, while paint can always be replaced. That said, it’s important to invest in high-quality paint that can withstand the challenges of a modern home – you don’t want to be re-applying unnecessarily!


Lighting and colour go hand in hand when it comes to how a room looks and feels, so make sure you take your light sources into consideration when choosing paint colours. If your space is limited on natural light, it might be worth opting for a lighter colour, so the room remains bright and airy. In contrast, a well-lit space could benefit from a grounding darker shade.

At Edina Building Group, we pride ourselves on keeping on top of not only the most forward-thinking building processes but also the latest design trends. Get in touch with our team for a free consultation today.

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