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2021 Storage Solutions. How to Maximise Space in a Multi-Unit Townhouse

2021 storage solutions. how to Maximise space in a multi-unit Townhouse

More people than ever are choosing multi-unit townhouses to enjoy the best of what an inner-city lifestyle has to offer. While there are many advantages to living in a multi-unit townhouse – easy access to public transport, proximity to supermarkets, restaurants and nightlife, minimal maintenance and cheaper bills – they don’t always offer the same amount of space as a typical suburban home.

With a smaller space comes less room for amenities, furnishings and other items, and without proper functionality considerations, townhouses can easily become cluttered and messy. However, with the right, smart storage solutions, you can maximise floor space and craft a highly sought-after multi-unit townhouse that makes everyday living a breeze.

Be smart about your floor plan

While you may not have a large block of land to work with, you should still aim to create a multi-unit townhouse that offers spacious rooms and the very best in modern open-plan design. This can be achieved by removing design elements like corridors, hallways and unnecessary walls.

Instead, you can create designated zones for different spaces, while still having each area seamlessly interconnected. This will increase the flow of your townhouses and drive potential tenants or buyers to your property.

Vertical storage

With a limited amount of floorspace, there’s no use creating storage solutions that extend horizontally. This will just take away from precious floor space and make the townhouse feel cramped, cluttered and smaller than it actually is.

Rather, a quality townhouse should be outfitted with numerous and diverse vertical storage solutions. Vertical storage can be anything from built-in shelving in the kitchen to wall hooks in the bathroom. We suggest installing as many wall-mounted storage compartments and shelves as possible in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and laundry. This will reduce clutter and allow every utensil, piece of clothing and beauty product to have a home.

multi-purpose fixtures

Don’t just install permanent fixtures with their primary function in mind – think about how they could be used for different purposes and could even become a smart storage solution. For instance, a kitchen island is a staple of contemporary interior design, but don’t just choose a style based on its size or style. Look to see if the island offers storage space for pots, pans and cutlery. This should also be considered with bathroom vanities, television stands, bedroom wardrobes and hallway cupboards.

Optimising furniture and decor

When it comes to furniture and decor, functionality is key. In bedrooms, opt for bed frames that come with storage units underneath the mattress, or choose a fold-down bed in a spare room that can double as an office. We recommend plenty of storage cubes, bins and separators for bedroom wardrobes as well. For additional spaciousness, you could also opt for folding desks and extendable dining tables.


Looking to design a storage-savvy multi-unit townhouse that will entice buyers and reap a return on investment? Get in touch with the team at Edina Building Group today.

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