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Building a Luxury Townhouse in Melbourne

Building A Luxury Townhouse in Melbourne

With growing families and ever-increasing housing costs, especially in the inner and middle Melbourne suburbs, a luxury townhouse is a perfect solution to empower your dreams of building your dream home.

Townhouses have quickly become one of Melbourne’s most popular home options.
There is no denying that building a townhouse is a complicated process that needs expert guidance and advice especially when trying to maximise the block site.
However, the good news is that a custom luxury townhouse, when designed and built correctly, can significantly increase the value of an investor’s land and create an ideal home for potential buyers.

Luxury Townhouse Design

It sounds very cliché to consider townhouses to be “too narrow” or “too small.” Modern townhouse designs are spacious and functional. The primary concept in respect of contemporary townhouse design is privacy, safety and optimal open space. Features of a common townhouse design include a practical floor division; the average floor area of a typical townhouse is about 250 square metres in Victoria. In the broader picture, it is all about maximising space that makes everyday living comfortable. You may refer to

Dual Occupancy Versus Duplex Townhouses

The above-mentioned terms are although interrelated but should not be confused. Dual occupancies, also called shared-living homes, are built on one piece of land that cannot be subdivided. They exist in two versions – attached and detached – meaning dwellings can be built side by side or on top of each other. While this may limit your freedom, it also means lower building and Council costs compared to a duplex townhouse.

Utilities of such dwellings are usually separate. Duplex townhouses are considered two dwellings wherein two households share a common wall (party wall). Consequently, they have separate titles and the land can be subdivided. As compared to dual occupancy, it offers more liberties in respect of buying and selling a house.

Luxury Townhouse Building Cost in Melbourne

There are many factors affecting the cost of a luxury townhouse in Melbourne. Townhouse size is one of the fundamental factors in determining the aforesaid cost. The larger the area, more labour, material etc. are required. Secondly, the quality of building materials and fixtures will also affect the price as high-quality materials will have high prices and require excellent skillfulness. Thirdly, exquisite townhouse designs and detailing regarding floor plans means higher architect’s and builder’s fees.

The location of your site, factors such as a steep sloping block, soil conditions, narrow block, and availability of infrastructure are significant in determining the cost of a townhouse.

Statutory compliances in Victoria are another key cost that needs to be factored in. These include land costs (purchase price and stamp duty), finance costs (initial deposit, insurance, loan fee and interest), construction costs (townhouse designs, planning assistance, Council permits) and taxes (GST, bank fee, legal fee).

Learn about building options compatible with your budget. Calculate your building cost in five easy steps by clicking on the link below:

Townhouse Designs for Narrow Blocks

Townhouse designs for narrow blocks do not have to compromise on space and style of living. In fact, a thoughtful townhouse plan with a carefully executed floor plan ensures comfortable living spaces on each level even on narrow plots. With new home inclusions, sophisticated façades and styles to choose from, the possibilities for building on a narrow block are countless. What is needed are experts who are efficient in maximising interior space through creative designs.

Luxury Townhouse Designs for Sloping Blocks

Luxury townhouse designs for sloping blocks present unique building and design challenges. Specialised builders capitalise on the surrounding environments to optimise scenic beauty, cross ventilation, privacy etc. The primary consideration is to make living zones comfortable without too many split levels or steps. Often seen as a challenge, construction of a luxury townhouse on a slope with minimal excavation requires implementation of an intensive townhouse plan to get value for money.

Opting for a Luxury Townhouse

Who does not appreciate a delightful garden for a breath of fresh air? One of the beauties of townhouse living is access to private outdoor space which became very important during the pandemic. Demanding professions and lifestyle preferences have left little time for house repairs or gardening and people prefer retail and entertainment instead. The smaller size of townhouses mean that they require low maintenance.

Demand for luxury townhouses has increased. Further, townhouses are a great way to provide a feeling of community that other dwellings like apartments simply do not offer. The third factor that favours townhouses in the dwelling mix is design.

Innovation and smart architecture both inside and out provide luxury townhouses with an attractive appearance while also maximising available space.
As the total population increases and the average number of people in homes declines, there is a surge in the need for townhouses which leads to more opportunities for home owners and investors alike. In respect of multiple occupancy, townhouses offer residents a greater amount of privacy within a smaller square metres area. In view of the above, one can experience greater variety and freedom to build a customised townhouse.

Who Builds Luxury Townhouses

If you want to build a luxury townhouse in Melbourne, there are numerous luxury townhouse builders in Melbourne to choose from. As they say, “there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”, it has become increasingly important to be cautious while selecting a builder for your luxury custom townhouse. Make sure the design team provides flexible options for your unique land and building needs as well as preferences while staying within your budget. Both transparency and exceptional skills are necessary for best outcomes.

Make sure you meet the whole team beforehand as building a custom home is no easy task. Further, their job must not finish after the handover and they need to offer a considerate after-care service and extended warranty periods.

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