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Edina Building Group has a long tradition of following our clients and adapting to market changes. We’ve never been one to ‘stick to our knitting’ and hope for the best. Our philosophy has always been to go where the work is — whether that means expanding geographically, developing new expertise and services, or moving into new sectors. We’re delighted that our market agility has led us to become leaders in some niche specialties within sectors.

Whether it be a townhouse complex or a multi-story apartment we can accommodate your needs.

Commercial Builders

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Office Buildings

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Apartment Buildings

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Medical Practices

Commercial Builders
licenseD Commercial builders IN MELBOURNE

Edina Building Group holds commercial license in medium rise buildings class. We pride ourselves on our standard of finish. This standard has allowed our clients to achieve maximum returns on their investments with quick and profitable sales.

We offer the skills of a commercial builder with a sensitivity to cost of a residential developer. Using this and other experiences, we have honed our style and expertise into a value-added situation for our clients.

Our business capability and complexity is well beyond that of a ‘Mum and Dad’ builder, but our core values remain very much embedded in the idea of investing in relationships, taking care of each other and the community, and working towards a common goal. We pride ourselves on working with you as a true construction partner.

Custom Home Builders
Edina Building Group Testimonial
Marcus C.
Custom Home at Burwood

I decided to use Edina Building Group because one, they were local, two they’ve got experience and there they struck me as a couple of guys who like a challenge. Edina did very well meeting the budget and in the end we have a charming dwelling that we are proud of and our neighbours are very happy with.

Edina Building Group Testimonial
Farshid M.

As developers who are also engineers, we care about the design and quality of the final product and were looking for a builder who could complete the project on time and within our budget. Edina Building Groupd met and exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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Ready To Start Your Commercial Project?

If you would like to turn those dreams into a reality the most important thing to remember is that you need to get started now. Regardless, of what stage you are at, you can get in touch with us today and let us show you how we turn those dreams into a reality. Our process from start to finish is so seemless and easy that you may think that you are still dreaming!