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Designing Your Dream: The Power of Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

If building a new home is on your radar then chances are you’ve done the rounds of display homes that Melbourne has to offer, hunting for ideas, inspirations and possibly just the right house design.  This journey will most likely bring you face-to-face with house features that leave you shaking your head and saying, “That just wouldn’t work for us”.

Why Choose a Custom Builder?

Off the shelf house designs from the volume builders have their place in the housing market but there are four key reasons why a bespoke design and custom build could be the better choice for you:

  1. Your home is designed to fit you, not you fit the house.
  2. Volume built houses just look out of place in some streetscapes and so their value may underperform over time.
  3. Some locations are just not standard, like sloping blocks or narrow blocks.
  4. A unique quality-crafted home is a better long-term financial investment. 

Key Features of Using Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

Let’s explore what you can look forward to with your own customised home.

Tailored Design

A custom builder can work with a design that suits your specific needs, lifestyle and preferences. You have the freedom to decide on the layout, room sizes, architectural style, and special features, ensuring that the final product is uniquely yours.


Custom builders allow for a high level of personalisation. You can choose everything from the flooring and cabinetry to the fixtures and finishes. This enables you to create a home that reflects your taste, style, and personality.

Quality and Craftsmanship

There is a sharper focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail and personalised service. These builders can deliver a home that is built to higher standards. You have greater control over the materials used and the construction methods employed, potentially resulting in a more durable and long-lasting home.

Energy Efficiency 

Custom builders can work with you to incorporate innovative energy-efficient features into your home design. This may include high-quality insulation, energy-efficient windows and the integration of sustainable technologies. This not only reduces your environmental footprint but can also lead to long-term cost savings on energy bills.

Flexible Budgeting

Working with a custom builder can offer flexibility in budgeting. You have more control over where your money is allocated, allowing you to prioritise areas that matter most to you.

Unique Location Choices

They may provide more flexibility when it comes to choosing the location of your home. They are not confined to pre-determined lots in specific developments, giving you the opportunity to build on a unique or unconventional site that meets your preferences.

One-on-One Relationship

These builds involve a more personal and collaborative relationship. You have direct communication with the builder and can be actively involved in the decision-making process throughout the construction, fostering a stronger sense of partnership.

Being a builder doesn’t make you a Custom Home Builder

Being able to build a house doesn’t mean you can deliver a person’s unique dream home. It takes a lot of experience on quality crafted home construction to be able to deliver on these types of builds.. Sometimes it is the high road but not necessarily the easy road.

At Edina, we’ve encountered every obstacle and challenge a builder of custom homes can face.  But at the end of the day, we’ve helped many homeowners achieve their vision.  We know a thing or two about these intense and very personal projects.

How to Research a Custom home Builder

Choosing the right custom home builder in Melbourne is a pivotal step toward realising your dream home. Understanding their approach to the building process, commitment to using quality materials, and their capability in design and construct aspects ensures that your vision is not just met but exceeded.  Here are a few ways to do your research.

  1. See other homes built in Melbourne: Walk through a completed build to see and feel the quality of the craftmanship. But remember each house is a personal project, so your vision may not exactly match the home you look at.
  2. Familiarity with the Style: If you have a particular style in mind (e.g. French Provincial), it might be worth using builders who have experience with that style.
  3. Superior communication: Home building is a long and complex project. It’s imperative that communication is free-flowing and transparent. To that end, always enquire about the level of communication your builder is used to. It can be stressed enough how important this is.
  4. What do past clients say? Past clients can be very forthcoming about the experience. What they have to say can provide some very useful insights into what it would be like working with the builder. Do they communicate well? How do they approach problem-solving? Was it a satisfying experience? And, ultimately, did the client get what they wanted?
  5. Flexibility During the Build: Building your dream home is a complex task, and envisioning the final outcome can be challenging. It’s preferable to make changes before the construction is finalised to avoid the need for modifications later on but a reputable builder will provide a fair variations contract.
  6. Use a registered and insured builder: For any domestic building project exceeding $10,000, it is imperative that a builder holds the appropriate license and is registered with the VBA. Proper insurance coverage is also a non-negotiable requirement. Engaging an unlicensed builder may lead to potential issues in the future.

Put the team at Edina to the test.  Get in touch today. We’re more than happy to provide you with all the answers you need. At Edina, we always have a dedicated contact person for our clients during any given build, from start to finish. This way, they always know who to talk to and that person always has their finger on the pulse. This is also a great way of developing strong, trusting relationships with our clients.

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